07 Dec 2023

Paul Saeki testimonial for Go Global Toolkit

Northern Australia Aboriginal Kakadu Plum Alliance (NAAKPA) is using the Go Global Toolkit to empower Indigenous businesses.

With domestic sales reaching a plateau, NAAKPA is now looking to export. The toolkit is giving them a head start.

For Paul Saeki, CEO of the NAAKPA, increasing the export of Kakadu plums is a key ingredient for the new generation of Indigenous youth.

‘The challenge is making sure that Indigenous people do have some sort of toehold in the native food sector… Kakadu plum sales have plateaued, so export has become of great interest to all our growers.’

'These foods aren't a commodity in this context. They are the names, the totems, and the stories of Indigenous Australians. They must be supported to maintain, grow and represent that story on the domestic and international stage.'

With the help of the Austrade’s Go Global Toolkit, Paul is helping cultivate the export potential of his growers, and with it, NAAKPA’s mission.

To read more about Paul’s story, go to the Austrade website.

To view the Go Global Toolkit, go to the Australian Government Business website.