Bringing the Territory outback into the gaming world

Territory entrepreneurs Nathan Groves and Chas ‘CJ’ Cole are redefining the future of both gaming and agriculture in the Territory with their world first game ‘Pasture: The Livestock Simulator’.

Just like on a real Northern Territory (NT) cattle station, users can muster cattle using helicopters, horses or motorbikes. The game also includes a multiplayer option that enables users from all over the world to virtually muster cattle together.

Nathan and CJ’s company Salty Games, it positioning itself to take advantage of the massive global demand in the farm gaming simulator industry. The industry is expected to reach $982 million USD by 2032.

In December 2023, Salty Games launched the demo version of their game to the world. Since then the game has been downloaded thousands of gamers in the US, Germany and France. Gamers have also praised the games realistic graphics and they vast variety of methods available to muster cattle.

Salty Games is now in the process of raising capital to fully develop and launch a complete version of the game. Nathan and CJ are committed to developing the game in the Territory and engaging local expertise where possible.

Salty Games was a recipient of the Business Innovation Program 2.0 and this investment has facilitated partnerships with local marketing services such as PRLX and setting the stage for the games launch on online gaming platform, Steam.

To find out more about Business Innovation Program 2.0, go to the Northern Territory Government website.

Page last updated 10 April 2024