Our partnerships

Our partnerships have been established through a range of foreign agreements, diplomatic engagements and cross-cultural activities.

These partnerships are also supported by sister and friendship city relationships fostered through local governments, agreements between schools, research institutions and other non-government organisations.

The Territory’s location in the Asia-Pacific region means we also act as a staging point for disaster relief and humanitarian efforts through institutions such as the National Critical Care and Trauma Response Centre and Menzies School of Health Research.

The Territory benefits from a strong presence of community groups led by people with origins, connections and influence in diaspora networks across countries including the European Union, Indonesia, India, China, Japan, Nepal, Timor-Leste and Thailand.

Around 26% of Territorians identify as Aboriginal Australians, and they are the heart of our community. Collaboration between the Northern Territory Government and Territory Aboriginal Traditional Owners, organisations and businesses are vital for increasing understanding of the Territory’s Aboriginal cultures on the world stage.

Page last updated 8 February 2023