Education in the Northern Territory

You can read about education in Australia's Northern Territory at these sites:

Adult education and training

Vocational education and training (VET), university and higher education, registered training organisations and regional training.

Early childhood

Childcare centres, preschool, preparing your child for school, age your child can attend.

International students

Study options, benefits of studying in Australia’s Northern Territory, visa, scholarship and accommodation options.

International students and migrants

Enrolment in a government school, fees, homestay, study abroad, English as second language.

Parent and community involvement

School councils and boards, membership, responsibilities, community use of school facilities, volunteering in schools.

Signage at Charles Darwin University

Primary and secondary students

Schools in the Northern Territory, term dates, getting to and from school, enrolment, curriculum, health and wellbeing.

Remote students and parents

Secondary school options in remote communities, distance learning, help getting your child to school.

Special education

Approved specialist schools and centres, autism, vision, hearing services, school psychologists, early childhood intervention, transport services.

Student financial help and scholarships

Back to school payment, sport voucher, help for isolated students and school leavers, VET help.