How to apply

Before applying, please ensure that you have first read our eligibility page and have lodged your expression of interest in the Department of Home Affairs Skillselect.

How to submit your Northern Territory nomination application

All applications and supporting documents must be submitted in the Northern Territory (NT) Government online application system.

Documents you must provide

All applications must provide the following documents:

  • a clear colour copy of your skills assessment from the relevant Australian skills assessment and assessing authority, for the skilled occupation you have nominated
  • a detailed current curriculum vitae or resume
  • clear colour copies of your letters of completion, academic transcripts and certificates of qualifications
  • clear colour copies of your identity page of your passport and all dependent family members included in your application
  • evidence of your visa, if you are in Australia or have previously worked or studied in Australia
  • where required, verifiable evidence of your English proficiency - the NT Government accepts all English tests approved by Australian Government’s Department of Home Affairs. If you have undertaken a PTE Academic test, please ensure that you provide in your application the score report code.
  • if you are claiming points for your partner’s skills, a clear colour copy of your partner’s skills assessment
  • if you are claiming points for your partner’s English level, verifiable evidence of their English proficiency
  • a written letter about your commitment to the NT which needs to include:
    1. your commitment to living and working in your skilled occupation or a closely related skilled occupation in the NT for at least three years from when the visa is granted
    2. why you want to live in the NT
    3. how the NT lifestyle would suit your way of life more than that of any other city in Australia, and
    4. be no longer than two pages.

You may need to provide additional documents

If you are living in the NT you must provide:

  • bank statements for the 12 months immediately before your application that clearly shows your day-to-day spending in the NT as evidence you have been living in the NT, and
  • payslips for six months from a NT employer - this is not required for NT graduates*
  • for NT graduates - evidence of making genuine and sustained efforts to obtain employment in your skilled occupation in the NT; must include copies or screenshots of job applications, membership in professional associations in the NT, contact with NT employers and other supporting evidence, such as positive feedback from industry contacts in the NT
  • evidence of residency in the NT for you and your migrating dependants for the required period, for example, tenancy agreements, utility bills.

*Please also read important information if you already live in Australia.

If you are currently living outside Australia (overseas), you must provide:

  • verifiable evidence of full-time employment in your nominated occupation for at least 12 months out of the last 24 months or evidence that you have Australian qualifications, prior to your nomination application to MigrationNT
  • evidence that you have researched into living and working in the NT showing that you understand the climate, relocation costs and living expenses (websites copied and pasted into your submission will not be not accepted)
  • when required, evidence of a full-time (at least 35 hours per week) employment offer in your nominated occupation or in a closely related skilled occupation
    • the term of employment must be for at least 12 months
    • you should provide a copy of your offer letter or contract and this must include details of your employer, their address, phone number and Australian business number
    • this offer will be verified with the business
  • evidence of job applications to relevant vacancies in the NT
  • evidence of making contact with relevant NT employers and receiving positive feedback on your employability (auto-generated responses from job websites and employer HR departments are insufficient)
  • a statement describing your understanding of the NT employment market for your occupation / industry and how your skills and experience are in line with NT employer needs (a generic statement is insufficient on its own)
  • where available, evidence of strong connections to the NT, for example, signed letters of support from long-term residents in the NT detailing their willingness and ability to support you
  • evidence of your financial capacity to move, settle and live in Australia, as listed below:
    Family composition Minimum value of net assets
    Individual applicant AU$35 000
    Applicant and spouse AU$50 000
    Applicant and spouse plus one child AU$60 000
    Applicant and spouse plus two children AU$65 000
    • you must provide a summary sheet showing the values in Australian dollars
    • you must provide verifiable documented evidence that you have access to or ownership of the required amount of net assets
    • assets can include cash; residential and commercial property; and personal property such as gold, jewellery, vehicles, etc
    • you must provide evidence of the value, for example, independent valuations and purchase receipts
    • medical insurance policies, fixed deposits, public provident funds and government savings scheme investments can be used however the maturity dates must be within a reasonable period, or alternatively the funds must be able to be withdrawn early
    • while offers of support from family members will be considered and will assist your application, you still need to evidence that you have sufficient financial capacity in your own right as outlined above.

Quality of documents

All documents submitted:

  • must be in English
  • documents in language other than English, must be accompanied by an official English language translation
  • must be in Adobe PDF or Microsoft Word DOC / DOCX formats.