How to apply

Before applying, please ensure that you have first read our eligibility page and have lodged your expression of interest in the Department of Home Affairs Skillselect.

How to submit your Northern Territory nomination application

All applications and supporting documents must be submitted in the Northern Territory (NT) Government online application system.

Documents you must provide

All applications must provide the following documents:

Skills assessment

A clear colour copy of a positive skills assessment from the relevant skills assessing authority for your nominated occupation.

CV or resume

A detailed current curriculum vitae or resume.

  • Clear colour copies of your letters of completion that include:
    • the date the course started and ended
    • whether you did any distance learning
    • the date of course completion
    • the location of the campus where you studied
    • whether you studied full-time or part-time.
  • Academic transcripts.
  • Certificates of qualification.

Clear colour copies of your identity page of your passport and all dependent family members included in your application.

Australian visa

Evidence of your visa, if you are in Australia or have previously worked or studied in Australia.

English language test

Where required, verifiable evidence of your English proficiency - the NT Government accepts all English tests approved by Australian Government’s Department of Home Affairs. If you have undertaken a PTE Academic test, please ensure that you provide in your application the score report code.

EOI points breakdown table

A copy of the points breakdown table generated from your Skillselect account.

Evidence of additional points claimed on EOI
  • If you are claiming points for your partner’s skills, a clear colour copy of your partner’s skills assessment and verifiable evidence of their competent English unless they are from an exempt country.
  • If you are claiming points for your partner’s English level, verifiable evidence of their English proficiency.
  • If your partner is an Australian Citizen or Australian Permanent Resident, a clear colour copy of your partner’s passport or their Australian citizenship certificate or their Australian permanent resident visa grant notice.
  • If you are claiming points for community language, a clear colour copy of the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI) accreditation.
  • If you are claiming points for the Professional Year, a clear colour copy of your completion certificate from a Australian institution.
Letter of commitment

A written letter about your commitment to the NT which needs to include:

  • your commitment to living and working in your skilled occupation or a closely related skilled occupation in the NT for at least three years from when the visa is granted
  • why you want to live in the NT
  • how the NT lifestyle would suit your way of life more than that of any other city in Australia, and
  • be no longer than two pages.

You may need to provide additional documents

If you are living in the NT you must provide:

  • bank statements for the 12 months immediately before your application that clearly shows your day-to-day spending in the NT as evidence you have been living in the NT, and
  • payslips for six months from a NT employer - this is not required for NT graduates*
  • for NT graduates - evidence of making genuine and sustained efforts to obtain employment in your skilled occupation in the NT; must include copies or screenshots of job applications, membership in professional associations in the NT, contact with NT employers and other supporting evidence, such as positive feedback from industry contacts in the NT
  • evidence of residency in the NT for you and your migrating dependants for the required period, for example, tenancy agreements, utility bills.

*Please also read additional requirements for onshore applicants.

Quality of documents

All documents submitted:

  • must be in English
  • documents in language other than English, must be accompanied by an official English language translation
  • must be in Adobe PDF or Microsoft Word DOC / DOCX formats.

Page last updated 16 February 2022