The Northern Territory (NT) is one of Australia’s most culturally diverse places. There are over 100 nationalities and around 140 social, cultural and religious organisations.

Immigrants have contributed enormously to the NT’s economy and culture, in particular Greek and Asian immigrants.

You can attend cultural festivals organised by the Greek, Indian and other communities. Chinese New Year is celebrated.

Religious freedom and mutual respect are an integral part of the NT’s shared culture. There are Islamic mosques, Buddhist and Chinese temples and a range of Christian churches.

Go to more information about religions observed in the Northern Territory.

SBS Radio broadcasts in 68 languages and SBS TV telecasts programs covering news, sport, movies and entertainment from all over the world.

A multilingual interpreter service is available for newcomers needing to do business or attend to other matters as they settle in.

For more information, go to the Northern Territory Government website.

The Northern Territory has significant Aboriginal culture. The Aboriginal people of Australia are one of the world’s oldest living cultural groups. The diversity of the culture and language is vast, with rich traditions and beliefs, tying to the Australian land. 

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Page last updated 4 March 2022