International Public Sector Internship program

The Northern Territory Government has recently reinstated the International Public Sector Internship program across multiple sectors.

This program is a unique opportunity for public sector staff to live and work in the Territory, while learning more about the Northern Territory Public Sector, share ideas, knowledge and cultural understanding.

The program is available to all Northern Territory Government departments, seeking to host an incoming international public sector intern.

Incoming internships are tailored to the relevant skills and development. The internship may be offered for between 2 weeks to 3 months in duration and may involve multiple different Northern Territory Government departments.

Interns achieve professional development, gain valuable and varied work experience, develop personal and professional networks, and learn more about the Northern Territory Government’s functions and role in the wider public sector.

The program provides interns with public sector training programs and see them assist with developing projects relevant to the portfolios in which they work, learning the processes of the Northern Territory Government while working on projects and strategies important to the sector.

This is an important and innovative program to assist with reciprocal learning and mutually beneficial cultural exchange through shared training experiences.

Previous iterations of the program have been highly successful with the exchange of ideas, knowledge sharing and cultural understanding having noticeable benefits to both the intern and Northern Territory Government departments.

Length of the internship

Incoming International Public Sector Internships can be tailored for each participant and may be offered for between 2 weeks to 3 months in duration.

On agreement, participants may undertake short-term placements in multiple agencies during an internship.


Costs of the program will be defined as part of a negotiated foreign agreement, by participating agencies.

Traditionally, the participant’s government will cover travel, accommodation and living expenses and staff salaries.

The participating Northern Territory Government department, would cover costs associated with daily operations such as workstations, training, programs and activities as defined by the host agency.

Foreign partner requirements

The participant and/or in-country government agency (employer) will work with the Northern Territory host agency, to agree on the work placement which will be included in the foreign agreement.

The agreement will determine whether an agency will cover any costs associated with the internship.

For more information or to request an International Public Sector Internship email

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Page last updated 29 September 2022