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The plant industries offer career opportunities where you will find comradery within a team and independence in the job.

If you enjoy physical work, variety in your daily life, this is the industry for you. There are many different roles available, entry level roles include watermelon picking and packing, tractor driving or mango tree planting, technical roles include irrigation technicians, tradespersons, researchers and IT programmers, office-based roles include marketing, quality assurance and human resources.

Escape the buzz of social media and costly city living to experience the real Territory. Enjoy living in a regional area where you can visit nearby attractions, national parks and waterfalls, activities include fishing, four-wheel driving and boating. Participate in small communities - sports, arts and markets.

Singles, couples and groups welcome.

Plant industries includes horticulture, tropical fruits, vegetables, broad acre farming, nuts, seeds and grains.

If you are ambitious, passionate, reliable and seeking adventure apply now.

NT Farmers can help you find employment through the Harvest Trail.

Email your resume and cover letter to harvest@ntfarmers.org.au or call +61 8 8983 3233.

For more information, go to the NT Farmers website.


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Page last updated 21 March 2022