For Territorians

The Territory is a significant contributor to Australia’s international trade.

International trade creates jobs, with one in five Australian jobs relying on trade — including one in four in regional Australia. 

Exports are a major contributor to the Territory’s economy and Gross State Product (GSP). The Territory has consistently made outsized contributions to Australia’s liquefied natural gas (LNG), mining, and live cattle exports. 

This is intrinsically linked to the development of major projects and investments in the Territory. In many cases the viability of these projects has been contingent on the opportunity to secure offtake agreements for export. 

The Territory’s trade partners have remained largely consistent over decades, with a key focus on our neighbours in the Indo-Pacific region. The top destinations for Territory goods over the past five years include Japan, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, South Korea, Thailand, and Singapore. 

The Territory’s International Engagement Strategy 2022-2026 ensures a focus on achieving new industry-led partnerships that foster trade in new and diversified products and services to support jobs.

Page last updated 4 August 2022