Why move to the Territory

Feel what it’s like to be a part of a collective of doers and creators. Change your lifestyle, grow your career and make a real impact. The opportunities are boundless in The Territory.

Here in The Territory, we enjoy an enviable laidback lifestyle with amazing weather, excellent career opportunities, short commutes, spectacular displays of outback starry skies, and colourful tropical sunsets with friendly and inclusive people.

The Territory gives you the time and the space to connect in ways you can’t anywhere else. With the land. With the community. And with yourself.

We have an amazing community spirit, welcoming newcomers with boundless enthusiasm. Many people in the Territory have moved here from somewhere else, so it’s an easy place to meet people and make new friends.

This is a place where you hear ‘give it a go’ a lot more than you hear the word ‘no’.

The Territory is home to people who saw the boundless potential of this place - are you ready to make that discovery too? #movetotheTerritory

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The Territory, Australia

Page last updated 8 February 2024