Exporting sunshine

Solar panel array

Sun Cable is an Australian-founded, world leading renewable energy company, developing solar energy infrastructure projects that will power Australia and the Indo-Pacific region with competitively priced, dispatchable, high capacity renewable electricity.

Sun Cable’s flagship project is the AUD $30 billion Australia-Asia PowerLink (AAPowerLink). Solar energy will be harnessed and stored at one of the worlds largest solar farm and battery systems in the Barkly region in the Northern Territory (NT) of Australia, for 24/7 dispatch to Darwin and Singapore via a 5000km high voltage direct current transmission system.

Sun Cable’s energy projects will position the NT as the world leader in intercontinental transmission of renewable electricity. The project will stimulate the growth of a renewable infrastructure industry in the NT. Initial modelling indicates that the project will invest AUD $8 billion in Australia during the construction phase, with the majority spent in the NT, generating significant opportunities for NT workforce and industry participation across the construction and operational phases.

The provision of 800MW of electrical capacity to the Darwin region will facilitate the electrification of new and existing industries, supporting large-scale economic development, whilst reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The $30 billion plus project will herald the start of a new renewable export industry in the NT, and harness the Territory’s natural competitive advantages.

Annual solar energy exports are anticipated to reach AUD $2 billion.

Page last updated 27 July 2022