Headshot of Yeimi
Headshot of Yeimi

About Yeimi

My name is Yeimi and I am from Colombia. I was a teacher in my home country. I decided to come to Darwin to improve my English skills and have a very ‘Aussie’ experience. After six months here learning English, I decided to further my teaching knowledge and continue my studies by enrolling in a Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care.

I have found that Darwin gives you wide opportunities to study and work in different areas. Darwin is very multicultural, and I have met people with different nationalities and professional backgrounds studying and / or working here. It has opened my mind to many different cultures. The local people here are very friendly and kind.

I am happy in Darwin because I enjoy the weather and the facilities in this city, like very cheap public transportation and no traffic jams, which gives you the ability to travel easily.

I love that Darwin is surrounded by very beautiful landscapes and natural environments that make you want to explore nature.