Headshot of Szu-yuan
Headshot of Szu-yuan

About Szu-yuan

My name is Szu-yuan, I have been studying in Charles Darwin University (CDU) since July 2017. I am a natural born adventurer. From my viewpoint, there is no age limit for adventures. I wanted to give myself a chance which is out of my comfort zone. Many of my friends have been studying in Australia and they all share the same opinion that the land of kangaroos is the ultimate environment for international students.

The reason I chose to study at CDU was because of the smaller class size which I prefer. CDU is able to provide greater communication between instructors and students, which helps students achieve better results. Therefore, I decided to pursue my dream and broaden my horizons by applying to study at CDU.

Not only does Darwin provides a top-of-the-world educational system, but it also possesses such a welcoming and friendliness vibe. The social atmosphere here in Darwin is amazing. There are plenty of opportunities to meet up with new people and learn from different cultures.