Headshot of Hector
Headshot of Hector

About Hector

Hola a todos and hello my name is Hector and I am from Colombia. I am a dreamer and since I was in high school, one of my biggest dreams has been to study overseas. Last year after I had finished my two degrees, I made the decision to continue upgrading my professional career and I chose Darwin for that purpose. Before coming here, I was looking for a place where I could feel comfortable and where I could improve my English in the best way; and Northern Territory has definitely fulfilled all my expectations.

I have been here for seven months and I feel at home. There are many reasons that make me enjoy Darwin. The first reason is the quality of education. I have learned so much in this short time that after finishing my English course, I am looking forward to doing a Master of Accounting. The second reason is the weather, the weather of Darwin provides lots of opportunities to enjoy outdoor activities. Finally, the kindness of the people. It has been surprising how every time that I have needed something there has always been somebody who gave me a hand. In the same way, I have meet many people from different places and I have learned so much about different cultures, that now I have a different perspective about the world.