Headshot of Grace
Headshot of Grace

About Grace

Xin Chao. My name is Huyen, but most of my friends calls me Gracie. I was born in a small province in Vietnam. Life was not always easy when I was growing up. Therefore, I wished one day I could go to another country and explore the world. I chose Australia. I came to Melbourne to pursue Psychology at Monash University. However, after one year, I realised that I was lost in a big city like Melbourne. That was the time I took a step backwards to consider what I really want for my life. Then Darwin came to mind, and I chose to pursue my love of teaching. How perfect is that can do my teaching degree in a place that has the same environment as my hometown. Then I will bring back to my country the knowledge that I have been learning over the years in Darwin.

Darwin has not disappointed me. I was given amazing opportunities from friends, lectures and even residents in this area. People say that if you want to live in Darwin, you need to make friends. Darwin has given me the opportunity not only to meet people but also unite people. I had one of the greatest times doing orientation week at Charles Darwin University. I was tired, excited and exhausted during and after orientation week. But I realised that is what I want for my student life.

I love Darwin, there is no other place that people can be comfortable with each other despite race, religion or language. Everyone comes here to live and to help each other.