Headshot of Bishnu
Headshot of Bishnu

About Bishnu

Hello everyone, this is Bishnu all the way from Nepal, a landlocked beautiful country of Himalayas and Temples located in South Asia, in between two big countries India and China. I moved to Darwin in 2018 and am currently studying here as an international student. I consider Darwin as my home away from home

I am enjoying Darwin because it is a beautiful vibrant city with a lot of opportunities with a warm and tropical climate. It also offers high quality Australian qualifications, a rich Aboriginal culture, and it is a safe and friendly community. At the same time, you can boost job and career growth opportunities with unforgettable, and once in a life time adventure as well as blend of different unique events and festivals, and population diversity from the different part of the world.

I have been involving in a lot of social activities and events going in and around Darwin. I am also an active student member of Certified Practising Accounts (CPA) Australia. I found people here are very helpful and lovely with open hearts. Finally, I am really excited to be a part of this wonderful journey as a StudyNT student ambassador and explore boundless possible in future.