About Rosie

Hi everyone!

My name is Tho, but people usually call me Rosie. I come from Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam.

In 2019, I travelled here by myself and was surprised by how friendly and helpful people are. Everyone welcomed me and made me feel like this place was my second home. After spending 1.5 years working in Darwin and enjoying living here so much, I decided to pursue my higher education here and try to contribute back to the community.

Since I have started studying at Charles Darwin University I can see how the NT Government supports students, especially international students. We have many activities during the semester sponsored by the NT Government, such as IT CodeFair 2021, where all IT Students have a chance to show their projects to prospective employers. As international students, I am forever grateful for what CDU and the NT has given us.

After studying hard I have opportunities to attend many activities in Darwin where I have a chance to learn and understand more about Aboriginal culture. It helps me to broaden my knowledge and appreciate the fascinating culture. I have grown my understanding and feel enriched by another way of thinking about the world.

I always feel thankful because I have chosen Darwin to live in as the NT has an excellent education, kind people, a wonderful environment, and lovely weather. My mission now is to contribute back to NT as much as I can and I believe that the Study NT Student Ambassador Program is the program that can allow me to do small things for the NT to show my appreciation.