Po Chun
Po Chun

About Leo

I’ve always wanted explore the world. Before I decided to come to Australia, I had thought that having an ordinary life was the better way because I did not understand how to be social. In my country, students were asked to get high education, get a good job and settle down. However, everything has changed when I began studying for my master's degree. I felt very bored and tried to do something I had never done - reading books. There was no denying that it indeed affected me deeply. Finally, I gave up my masters and told to my parents that I was ready for Australia.
Between 2010 and 2012, I met a lot of people who were from different countries, including Aussies. In addition, I travelled to many states in Australia and other countries with my friends. After finishing my travels, I went back to Taiwan to be a ‘Go’ teacher. It was a great job. I really enjoyed playing Go and teaching many students. As a part of my job, I usually had to carry some communication duties between China and Taiwan to assist the Go Association. This gave me the opportunity to spend one year in China. In that time I gained a lot of experience through travelling, teaching within the Go organisation. However, sometimes I still missed my days in Australia.
I did not imagine that I would go back to Australia one day. I still think if I hadn’t chosen to stay in Darwin, what would I do now? For now, I’m focusing on my studies and try to take part in some local activities. They are good opportunities to improve my English. I also appreciate my English teachers and classmates at IH because they are so lovely and kind. I can feel that even though Darwin is a small city, people here have strong bonds with each other.