About Hari

As a kid, growing up in Nepal, I was an avid reader. My favourite books featured stories about adventure, travel, nature and culture. From my mountain home, it was books that expanded my horizons, taught me how to experience the highs and lows of life, and seeded in me a deep desire for success. My favourite book was about a man who travelled for months at sea in a ship, experiencing many challenges yet enjoying his adventures to the fullest. I was glued to that book and felt a longing to travel the world, just like him. But as you know, Nepal is a landlocked country and exploring the world by ship seemed impossible, even as a kid. To make things harder, my family wasn’t really a travelling family. My parents rarely left Nepal.

We did have one big move though. When I was 11 years old, my family migrated to a more tropical part of Nepal called Chitwan. As a kid, studying in sixth grade, that was a big change. New friends. New weather. New school. And a new bicycle (which I didn’t know how to ride). Within a few months, I realised that Chitwan was quite multicultural and many people had migrated from other parts of Nepal. I made many new friends and I started to settle in but still, at night, I dreamed of the adventurous man and his ship.

My parents had another dream for me. They wanted me to stay in Nepal and work as an engineer or as a government employee. I didn’t want to disappoint my parents but I felt that I needed to make my own pathway into the world. It wasn’t easy, but after a few months of struggles, my parents were convinced, and when I decided to move to Kathmandu, to start my university life as a business student, my parents supported me.

In Kathmandu I studied hard, volunteered, made many friends and travelled to various parts of Nepal and India. After four years, I graduated and worked for local businesses as an accountant and administrator. On the outside, I looked happy but deep inside, I was the same 10 year-old kid who wanted to explore the world (in a big ship!), meet new people, experience different cultures, and visit natural wonders.

That’s how I ended up in Melbourne studying a Masters of Professional Accounting. Again, I made new friends, found new work and sought out new adventures. On the weekends, I went camping and trekking and while I travelled to many beautiful places, I felt that something was missing.

I came to visit Darwin in July 2019. Immediately, I fell in love with this place. I knew that this is where I wanted to settle in. As soon as my partner heard about how good Darwin is, she packed up bags and moved here too. Now, two years on, I’m studying Project and Program Management at Business College at IH and also working towards becoming a Certified Practicing Accountant (CPA) and an associate member of CPA. The supportive environment of Darwin gave me the confidence to start my own business (PTE NAATI DARWIN) that focuses on helping international students and migrants. In addition, I got an opportunity to work as a tax consultant for one of the renowned tax accounting companies in Darwin.

What I love most about Darwin is the warm, tropical weather, super-friendly people, multicultural environment, stress-free lifestyle and outback adventures. On top of that, there is a big Nepalese community here so it feels just like home. It feels amazing! Sometimes, on the weekend, after I get back from fishing or jet-skiing, I remember the 10 year-old boy, back in Nepal, who dreamt of exploring a watery world, and I know I’m getting close. I still haven’t been out on a ship but hopefully I’ll get a chance, later this year, once I’m done with my studies.