Portrait shot of Jenny
Portrait shot of Jenny

About Jenny

Hi! My name is Jenny and I am from China. I have been in Darwin since February 2019 and I am currently studying teaching at Charles Darwin University (CDU). I have been enjoying my experience, which has definitely been so much better than I had expected. I am sure you will find the same if you come.

I chose Darwin and CDU because of the relatively lower tuition fee and the small class sizes. Besides, I had heard a lot about the friendliness and multicultural environment of Darwin, alongside its unique natural landscape. The exploring side of me was very intrigued to live in a place many Australians say represents some of the true ‘Australianness’. Good news, all of this is true!

There are a lot of things I enjoy about living in Darwin. Sunsets in Darwin are magnificent every day, and it never fails to bring me joy and peace. Weekend markets are lively and full of fun. The Mindil Beach Sunset Market is a must when it is on from April to October; the Rapid Creek Market is another favourite where it sells vegetables and fruits that I would normally have at my home country, and I haven’t found anywhere else in Australia. Shopping there is like taking a piece of home with me.

I am also surprised (in a good way) at the level of multiculturalism in Darwin, despite its relatively small population, and everyone is very friendly. I am very excited to experience more of Darwin and I am sure it will be a great journey, as always!