Headshot of Sunday
Headshot of Sunday

About Sunday

Hi, everyone knows me as Sunday. That’s my call sign in the industry. Bartending is my passion and here in Darwin I found the fuel to drive that passion forward. I came to Darwin in July 2017 to study Certificate IV and Advanced Diploma in Hospitality.

By birth I am a Bangladeshi but I was raised and brought up in Boston, Massachusetts in the United States. I spent three years in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia before I came to Darwin which was the start of my hospitality career. Since then I have grown and learned so much and Darwin has made many of my dreams come true. I won my first cocktail competition here and am now a senior bartender at an AHA Gold Plate Award Winning Cocktail Bar, Sandbar.

What can I say, dreams do come true but they require a lot of passion, hard work, persistence and a great deal of patience. I hope to be able to guide and share my experiences with anyone who is open to it. Life is an experience and we always have a choice. With the right people by your side I believe anything is possible! I pray I can make a difference in more people’s lives by sharing my own experiences in life. All I have to say is that life is a journey full of opportunities and with the right attitude we can achieve wonders. Believe in yourself and have faith. Somehow, some way we can all find what our hearts are looking for.