Headshot of Santiago
Headshot of Santiago

About Santiago

Hello everybody my name is Santiago and I am from Colombia. My greatest passion in life is business and for that reason I have studied international business management back in my home country. I lived in the United States of America for five months before deciding to come to Darwin with the objective of improving my English and applying for a Master’s of Professional Accounting, which in my opinion is essential knowledge for any manager. I came to Darwin looking for a place that can give me an authentic and unique Australian experience and the possibility of meeting and making contacts of different countries all around the world. 

I have been in Darwin for five months and my overall finding is that the Northern Territory (NT) is one of the few places in the world that can fill all my expectations. This includes high quality education, multicultural experiences, the possibility to increase my networks and a convenient location which is close to Australia’s big cities and other continents. Besides that, the NT Government has opened its doors to me and given me amazing opportunities such as being part of the StudyNT Student Ambassador Program, where I can share my story.