Headshot of Rangga
Headshot of Rangga

About Rangga

Hi, my name is Rangga I’m studying for my Masters in Business Administration and Professional Practice at the Charles Darwin University. Part of my course involved three hundred hours of work experience.

Because of my student placement relationship between Charles Darwin University and the government I was able to secure a great work experience with the Northern Territory (NT) Government. The three hundred hours of work placement has been great for my CV.

Manager - "Ranga has been fantastic, he has been wonderful for us, his enthusiasm, his drive, his willingness to jump in and have a go has been something that has been a real positive in our office. Programs that allow young people from South East Asia to further their academic career here, which then through working in the NT, lead to professional careers in Australia and also internationally."

I received many support throughout my placement and many staff members were very helpful and they not only introduced me to the workplace, but they also helped me with the work that I’m doing. I’ve now applied for a post study work visa.

I would defiantly recommend studying in the NT. The opportunity and the experience it has offered me, I really don’t think I would get anywhere else.