Headshot of Pooja
Headshot of Pooja

About Pooja

As an international student I find the Northern Territory is full of opportunities which allow students to develop their career and approach a new level of personal and social experience within a multicultural context. Education provided from Charles Darwin University in the Northern Territory is world renowned and provides a proper base for students’ careers.

The main reason I came to Darwin for studies is because my uncle lives in Darwin. Also Darwin is a very multicultural environment with lots of social interactions with different cultures. Darwin's geographical environment and weather is more similar to my home country's weather and therefore Darwin is like my home. Darwin's public and private sectors offer more opportunities for students to develop skills and performance in educational and professional settings which would add into their qualification list in the future.

The challenging and intense education system in Charles Darwin University is the most important reason for me to come to Darwin. I really enjoy studying my Bachelor of Nursing.