Headshot of Matthew
Headshot of Matthew

About Matthew

Have you ever thought about where to pursue your tertiary studies? I was once stuck in this miserable position as well, and then I came across Darwin, Australia. The truth is I never regretted it at all. Darwin may be small compared to Sydney or Melbourne, but it’s where the beauty is. I have enrolled into Charles Darwin University. The classes here are generally smaller in terms of the number of students. However this is beneficial as there is a lot of engagement happening in the class between the lecturers and students which enables me to learn in a more interactive way.

Paradoxically, although Darwin is small, there are many opportunities for international students, like myself, to perform. Being able to participate in the StudyNT Student Ambassador Program is a perfect example. Another great perk about Darwin is that when I am stressed I can easily become relaxed again by going outside into Darwin’s beautiful nature. For example, walking along the Casuarina Beach, the splendid view always gives me an instant relief of stress.