Headshot of Marina
Headshot of Marina

About Marina

My name is Marina from Miyazaki in Japan. I went to Miyazaki International College and after graduation, got a job in an auto parts company where for the last two years I was in charge of exports to overseas.

When I was in the broadcasting club in high school, I learned how to make videos and entered a lot of contests. So, because of that, what I like to do is make short movies to capture good memories. I know I will have a chance to make more good videos and memories in Darwin.

In my college life at a small, liberal arts school, I learned many things and had many great experiences. My major was economics and I spent a lot of time, especially in my last two years at school, studying current economic issues because the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) was a hot topic in the news at that time. I wrote my senior thesis about the effects of the TTP on the Japanese property insurance system. As far as my community involvement goes, I volunteer at triathlon events every summer because I can get energy from the other volunteers and I also like to support people who are going all out.

Darwin is the best place for me because I think that my English speaking ability will improve in an environment that has few Japanese people, and I can concentrate on studying and also experience another culture. I would like to learn more about differences and similarities among countries and religions in order to understand the world we live in. Furthermore, my education counselor, Yukie Sakyo in Aussie Study, recommended Darwin to me, so I made my decision. I am very looking forward to meeting new people and experiencing new things in Darwin in the Northern Territory.