Headshot of Izzy
Headshot of Izzy

About Izzy

People find me to be an energetic and happy person who is always ready to go and explore new experiences. In fact, I am passionate about learning with others: I am driven by people and knowledge.

For the past several years, I have worked as an environmental manager and planner; I have worked with national parks and urban forests as well as the environmental future of cities worldwide. As a Brazilian biologist, that means, for example: researching, camping, trekking and engaging with traditional communities around the Brazilian’s Atlantic Forest and the Amazon. There is no better feeling than connecting and engaging with communities and the environment.

For me, it has been 32 years of life and four different countries yet the quality of life and lifestyle of the Top End is the best thing I have experienced so far. I choose the Northern Territory (NT) because of its uniqueness and the NT community has opened its arms to me and I feel home with the Territorians.