Headshot of Febby
Headshot of Febby

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Over the time I have lived in Darwin it has been an overwhelming experience due to its serene atmosphere and friendly community. Communication between people has become easier when compared to studying in the big cities. It has given me so many opportunities to take part in, for example the many community events while studying, which makes my university life become more vibrant. I think that living in a small community has given me a chance to contribute in the community rather than just be a 'bystander'.

Living in Darwin I have enjoyed every experience, especially meeting with different people that I would not have expected to meet. Studying a Bachelor of Pharmacy at Charles Darwin University was very different to my expectation in being a university student, because of its small class sizes and friendlier people who are easier to communicate with. I have never regretted choosing to live and study in the Northern Territory because living here has made my life become more enjoyable, where I can look forward to discovering new experiences that would only come once in a lifetime.