Wellbeing outside our home country video transcript

By Sulav

[Background music]

On screen text: StudyNT ambassadors present

[Beach and sunset in the background]

[Sulav meditating on rocks at the beach]

On screen text: Sulav Shrestha (Nepal), Wellbeing outside our home country, Australia’s Northern Territory | The Territory Boundless Possible logo, Instagram: studynorthernterritory

[Sulav doing push ups on the Esplanade lawn]

Sulav: Mental health includes our emotional

[Sulav sitting on a park bench on the Esplanade]

Sulav: psychological and social well-being, it is an important part of our life

[Sulav sitting in his living room face timing his family]

Sulav: and impacts our thoughts, behaviour and emotions.

[Sulav using a skip rope to skip on the Esplanade pathway]

Sulav: Therefore looking after our mental well-being is very important.

[Sulav jogging along the Esplanade footpath]

Sulav: When I first travelled from Nepal I was facing the same emotional stress

[Sulav walking]

Sulav: and anxiety so I would want to share some of the things that helped me throughout the tough times.

[Gathering and talking with friends at his dining table]

Sulav: Talk with friends and family.

[Sulav sitting in his living room Facetiming his family]

Sulav: It’s physical distancing not social distancing.

[Sulav in the kitchen cutting fruit]

Sulav: Eat healthy foods - fruits and vegetables, and cook your own meal.

[Sulav exercising on the Esplanade lawns]

Sulav: Being active, exercising, jogging, skipping whatever helps you.

[Sulav sleeping]

Sulav: Sleep at least eight hours a day. Hobbies like

[Sulav playing the guitar in his living room]

Sulav: playing guitar, reading, painting, dancing and cooking

[Sulav meditating on rocks at the beach]

Sulav: that will really help you as well. Spirituality. If you're into yoga and meditation then that would help you too.

[Sulav reading in his living room]

Sulav: Take professional help if required. We do have university counselling, Head Space Darwin and other general practitioners who could help you with your mental ordeal.

[Sulav speaking with trees in the background]

Sulav: We know everyone's life is different and so is yours. Find out what's best for you and please don't forget to ask for help. Thank you.

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