Tips all new students should know video transcript

By Adele

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[View of sun setting from the shore]

On screen text: StudyNT ambassadors present

[Students walking together on a site]

On screen text: Adele Peluso (Italy), Tips all new students should know, Australia’s Northern Territory | The Territory Boundless Possible logo, Instagram: studynorthernterritory

[Lloyd is walking along a pathway of a student accommodation. He enters the building and rides the elevator. He walks towards the hall way and knocks on the door of his accommodation]

Adele and Lloyd: HI!

Lloyd: How are you?

Adele: I’m good, are you Lloyd?

Lloyd: Yes, I am Lloyd.

Adele: I’m Adele. I’m your roommate. Come in!

[Lloyd is sitting on the couch]

Lloyd: Can you please help me, what are the things that you did when you first came here to Darwin?

[Adele is sitting on the couch with her laptop and catching the sunscreen and water bottle, Adele was laughing when the water bottle hit her face]

Adele: Lloyd, don’t worry. I’m going to help you! So, first thing you need to rest and adjust to the weather, because Darwin is cool but it is very very hot. So, my advice is buy a lot of sunscreen and drink a lot of water because it’s very important.

[Lloyd opening the door from his room and greets Adele]

Lloyd: Buongiorno Adele!

[Adele in the kitchen counter holding a mug, greets Lloyd back]

Adele: Good morning. Definitely you need to contact your school today and get your student card. Because with a student card you can have discount on buses and a lot of other services in Darwin.

On screen text: $7 per week on NT buses with a card

[Adele and Lloyd met on the halls of the student accommodation]

Lloyd: Hey! Hey! Hey Adele!

Adele: How are you?

Lloyd: Good, good, hey by the way, thank you. I got my student card ready.

Adele: Cool.

Lloyd: Here I go again, what’s next?

[Adele explaining to Lloyd in the hall]

Adele: We’re going to go to the shopping centre now and then we’re going to the bank. So you can do your phone number and you’re going to do your bank account.

[Adele and Lloyd are at the balcony of their room. Adele is watering her plant and Lloyd is using his phone while asking some questions]

Lloyd: Oh, I’m looking for a job right now.

Adele: ok, so did you do your TFN first?

Lloyd: Ah What?

Adele: Tax file number. You need to apply online, every worker in Australia needs a tax file number and then you can look for a job. Apply online and in five to six days you will get it back and then you can apply.

Lloyd: As easy as that?

Adele: Easy peasy.

[Adele and Lloyd are in a car. Adele is driving]

Lloyd: Lovely car Adele. I would love to have this car as well. Where do I go to get my licence?

Adele: Oh! I’m going to get you there now. We need to just go to the MVR, you can convert your driver licence for $30 in there for one year or otherwise you can make a new one.

Lloyd: MVR?

[Lloyd and Adele arrived in the MVR (Motor Vehicle Registry), walking along the pathway outside the fence and pointing on the MVR sign]

[Lloyd outside the MVR, is holding his new driver’s licence and jumping of joy]

Lloyd: I got my driver’s licence! Yah!

[Lloyd, Adele, Michael and Ken are inside the car planning for a trip to Kakadu]

Lloyd: So Adele, what am I going to do now?

Adele: Lloyd you’ve been working hard all week. This is the weekend – we’re going to go camping to Kakadu.

Lloyd: Oh! Camping! That would be great!

Adele: I told you that studying in the NT is the best option.

Everyone: StudyNT!

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