Making the most of public libraries video transcript

By Jenny

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[Waterfront lawns]

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[Jenny filming herself speak]

Jenny: Good morning everyone! This is Jenny. Today I’m going to show you how to make the most out of public libraries in Darwin.

[Jenner filming the inside of the library]

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On screen text: Jenny Fran (China) making the most of public libraries, Australia’s Northern Territory | The Territory Boundless Possible logo, Instagram: studynorthernterritory

Jenny: There are four main public libraries. Casuarina Library, Nightcliff Library, Kamara and City of Darwin Library.

[Jenny walking to the library]

Jenny: So, we’re almost there at Casuarina Library. By the way that’s the bus stop over there so it’s pretty convenient if you take public transport. And… here we are!

[Jenny standing outside the Library]

Jenny: And the facilities at all the libraries are

[Image of the carpark]

Jenny: carparks

[Image of the bike rack]

Jenny: bike rack

[Image of the wheelchair ramp]

Jenny: wheelchair access

[Image of the water fountain and toilet door]

Jenny: water fountain, toilet

[Image of the computers]

Jenny: and of course… free Wi-Fi!

[Jenny sitting on the library lounges]

Jenny: To make the most out of the library you’ll need one of these babies. It’s a library membership card.

On screen text: And library membership is free!

Jenny: To get this you have two options. First option is to use your driver’s license and second option is to bring a photo ID from something like a passport and a document to prove your address.

[Jenner in quiet library room filming herself speaking]

Jenny: So, we are in a quiet study area in the library. And I’m just going to quickly talk about the services we have in the library.

[Filming the library surroundings]

Jenny: We have computers you can use, we have printing and scanning, we have online resources, such as audio books.

[Jenny standing outside the library]

Jenny: Now you know everything about public libraries in Darwin. Come and get yourself a membership card and make the most out of it!

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