Five questions about Darwin video transcript

By Sadeepa

[Background music throughout the video]

[View of Sunset Park, Nightcliff]

On screen text: StudyNT ambassadors present

[Sadeepa cartwheeling on Casuarina Beach]

On screen text: Sadeepa Sandaruwan (Sri Lanka), Five questions about Darwin, Australia’s Northern Territory | The Territory Boundless Possible logo, Instagram: studynorthernterritory

[Sadeepa walking in front of the Darwin Convention Centre]

Sadeepa: Hi everyone, I’m Sadeepa Sandaruwan a student ambassador for StudyNT Northern Territory. Today, I’m going to answer five questions asked from five friends of mine who are planning to come to Darwin for their studies or for a visit.

[Sadeepa sitting down at the Darwin Waterfront]

On Screen text: Can people swim in Darwin? Sachin Subawickrama

Sadeepa: My friend Sachin, asked me if we can swim in Darwin? The answer is definitely yes.

[Litchfield National Park]

Sadeepa: Litchfield is one of the most beautiful destination fir for swimming. Litchfield National Park has many beautiful designated areas for visitors to enjoy.

[Sadeepa swimming at Litchfield National Park]

Sadeepa: Darwin is one of the best places to swim in the world.

[Sadeepa jumping in the waterhole]

Sadeepa: Yahoo!

[Sadeepa sitting in the fisherman’s wharf]

On screen text: Is it safe to fish in Darwin? Ayen Goch

Sadeepa: The second question comes from my friend Ayen Goch. She asks, if it is safe to fish in Darwin?

[Sadeepa fishing in the wharf]

Sadeepa: Most of the Territorians love fishing. It’s like some of them have it in their genes.

[Sadeepa showing the fish he caught in the wharf]

[Sadeepa walking along the walk path at the Darwin Waterfront]

On screen text: How is the winter in Darwin? Jordan Thai

Sadeepa: My friend Jordan Thai asks, how’s the winter over here?

[Sadeepa standing at a welcome column]

Sadeepa: There is no winter here in Darwin. There are only two seasons – wet season and dry season. But you can get the snow and ice experience here in Darwin as well. How?

[Sadeepa fixing ice skating shoes at the Ice skating Centre]

Sadeepa: Grab a ticket just for $20 and go ice skating in Darwin Ice Skating Centre.

[Sadeepa skating at the ice rink]

[Sadeepa sitting down in the school campus]

On screen text: Where do you recommend studying off campus? Millie Davis

Sadeepa: My next question comes from my friend Millie Davis. She asked, where will you recommend studying off campus?

[Sadeepa walking inside the school building]

Sadeepa: Darwin is a pretty quiet and a calm city itself. You can find so many places to study peacefully here in Darwin.

[Sadeepa walking and the sits down in grass. He studies using his laptop and writes on a book]

Sadeepa: But my recommendation is the Botanical Gardens. You can sit down on the grass and study for hours.

[Sadeepa is sitting down in a café near the park. He is writing and studying on his laptop.]

Sadeepa: When you need a rest you can have a nice walk and also grab a warm coffee from the café there.

[Sadeepa standing in the middle of the waterfront grounds]

On screen text: What is the most beautiful thing In Darwin? Amanda Abeysinghe

Sadeepa: Last but not the least, my friend Amanda Abeysinghe asks, what is the most beautiful thing in Darwin?

[Sadeepa standing in the beach with a sunset]

[Sadeepa standing and walking in beach showing the sunset]

Sadeepa: Darwin has one of the finest sunsets in the whole world – let me show you.

Sadeepa: I cannot think of one place but the view of sunsets in Darwin is immensely beautiful.

[Sunset view of the beach]

[Sadeepa a cartwheel with a sunset background on the beach]

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