Darwin Botanic Gardens video transcript

By Denisse

[Background music]

[Background video is of the Darwin Botanic Gardens]

On screen text: StudyNT ambassadors present

[Denisse is sitting down in one of the wood benches around palm trees]

Denisse: Hi guys, my name is Denisse and it’s currently 5:30pm in Darwin. I am in the George Brown Botanical Gardens and I usually come here every week to have a walk, or admire the beautiful scenery or read a book.

[Background music]

On screen text: Denisse Gonzalez (El Salvador), Darwin Botanic Gardens, Australia’s Northern Territory | The Territory Boundless Possible logo, Instagram: studynorthernterritory

[Background video is of the Darwin Botanic Gardens]

[It shows the different directional arrow signs at the Botanic Gardens]

[Denisse is walking in around the Botanic Gardens]

[Denise is on a bridge at the Botanic Gardens]

[Denisse is exploring much of Botanic Gardens showing the different areas to relax and do activities]

On screen text: #StudyNT. Learn more at: studynt.nt.gov.au

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Page last updated 16 February 2022