Cooking and shopping tips video transcript

By Clarissa

[Background music throughout video]

[Garlic is being chopped]

On screen text: StudyNT ambassadors present

[Sautéing of a meat and broccoli in oil]

On screen text: Clarissa Gunawan (Indonesia), Cooking and shopping tips, Australia’s Northern Territory | The Territory Boundless Possible logo, Instagram: studynorthernterritory

[Clarissa greeting the camera in her home]

Clarissa: Hi everyone. So today I’m going to show you how to make some simple meals from $50 of groceries that will last you for a week. So let’s get cooking.

On screen text: Bought from nearest supermarket: Produce - red chilli 50g $1, carrot 1 $0.55, cheese 250g $4, spinach 120g $3, leafy mix salad $2, tomato paste $1.25, minced garlic $1.25, corn kernels $1.50, mayo $2.50, cherry tomatoes $1.80, snake beans $1. Meats and dairy – drumsticks 750g $2, bacon 250g $3, minced beef $6, minced pork $5.50, eggs 12 pack $3.50. Carbs – pasta 500g $2.60, jasmine rice 1kg $2.95, white toast 650g $1.60, potato 1kg $4. Total: $49.77. Please find the best weekly deal from your nearest supermarket!

[Different kinds of food being cooked]

On screen text: Spaghetti carbonara – three eggs, spaghetti, cheese, minced garlic, bacon, salt and pepper

[Ingredients for spaghetti carbonara]

[Clarissa cooking the dish, spaghetti carbonara]

On screen text: Spaghetti bolognaise –spaghetti, minced beef, garlic, bit of oil, canned tomato / diced tomato, tomato paste, oregano, parsley, salt and pepper and cheese on top. I used ‘tasty cheese’ for this recipe (originally parmesan)

[Ingredients for spaghetti bolognaise]

[Clarissa cooking the dish, spaghetti bolognaise]

On screen text: Potato pancake – grated raw potato, egg, plain flour, corn kernels, chilli, spring onions (optional), salt and pepper

[Ingredients for potato pancake]

[Clarissa preparing and cooking the dish, potato pancake]

On screen text: Potato salad – peeled and boiled potato, corn kernels, bacon, mayo, cheese and pepper

[Ingredients for potato salad]

[Clarissa preparing for potato salad]

On screen text: Egg sandwich – two slices of bread, hard-boiled eggs, mayo

[Ingredients for egg sandwich]

[Clarissa preparing for egg sandwich]

On screen text: Minced pork toast, bacon and egg, toastie and many more easy meals...

[It shows an image of the minced pork toast and the bacon and egg toastie]

On screen text: Egg fried rice, green beans and minced beef stir fry and many more easy meals…

[It shows an image of the egg fried rice and green beans and minced beef stir fry]

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