Northern Territory nomination Business Innovation and Investment visa

Update on Business Innovation and Investment Program (BIIP) for 2021-22

The new criteria for Northern Territory nomination under the BIIP are currently being worked on.

We will update as further information becomes available. Please continue to check this website for updates.

In the meantime, should you wish to make an application for NT nomination under the BIIP, please email with the details of your proposed investment or business, and we will get back to you to discuss your eligibility.

Thank you for your continued interest in the Northern Territory’s business migration program

Australia's Northern Territory (NT) Government targets genuine, high calibre applicants who are willing to invest and do business in the NT.

The prime factor considered for approval of NT nomination is the long-term benefit to the NT economy.

Nomination criteria will change from time to time to reflect the NT’s emerging needs.

Visas eligible for Northern Territory nomination

Australia's Northern Territory (NT) nomination is available on all categories of provisional and permanent Business Innovation and Investment visas including:

  • Business Innovation
  • Business Investor
  • Business Talent
  • Significant Investor.

The guidelines for Northern Territory nomination Significant Investor visa stream are covered in a separate page.

The Australian Government allocates a limited number of Business Innovation and Investment nominations to the NT.

There may be times when applicants are eligible for NT Government nomination, but are unable to be nominated.

Nomination guidelines

Australian's Northern Territory (NT) Government has broad guidelines for applicants who wish to be nominated for a provisional or permanent business visa.

The guidelines are deliberately broad so the NT Government can consider your nomination and proposed activities individually.

You must meet the NT Government nomination requirements as well as Australian Government criteria.

The NT Government will assess Applicants for Business Innovation and Investment (subclass 188) on:

  • your ability to contribute economically to the NT
  • the benefit to the NT from proposed activities
  • your ability to deliver on the proposed activity.

Proposed investment activities

Activities must benefit Australia's Northern Territory (NT) and align with its economic goals.

Investment activities benefiting the NT can include:

  • transfer of new capital
  • generation of new employment
  • generation of Indigenous employment
  • expansion of trade in NT goods or services
  • development of export markets for NT products or replacement of imports
  • introduction of new skills, expertise, technologies or innovations
  • investment in remote areas
  • investment in a range of areas such as healthcare, education, tourism, mining and primary industries and fisheries
  • have a significant flow on effect to other sectors of the economy.

Ability to deliver

You must have:

  • an understanding of Australia's Northern Territory (NT) business and investment
  • genuine intentions to actively pursue business or investment in the NT
  • the financial capacity and business acumen to support your activities.

You can demonstrate this by:

  • having an existing business in the NT
  • having a history of dealing with NT businesses
  • social links to the NT, including relatives and associates
  • undertaking an exploratory visit to research establishing a business in the NT
  • having established a residence in the NT
  • showing you have researched the business and investment environment of the NT
  • showing you have an understanding of the legal and licensing framework for operating a business in the NT.
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Negative information

If there is any negative information in relation to your business or investment activities you may not be nominated.

Applying for permanent visas (subclass 888 and 892)

If you are seeking Australia's Northern Territory (NT) Government nomination for:

  • the State Nominated Business Owner (subclass 892) visa or
  • the Business Innovation and Investment - Business Innovation (subclass 888) visa

you must demonstrate that your main business has been established and trading in the NT for at least two years.

You will need to show evidence that you meet the residence and business activity mandated by the Australian Government.

If you have not implemented your original business or investment proposal, the NT Government will assess the proposal that has been implemented.

If that proposal does not meet the Australian Government's visa criteria the NT Government will not support a permanent residency nomination.

Where there are residency requirements, you will need to prove residency in the NT unless you can show exceptional circumstances.

Conditions of nomination

You must notify Australia's Northern Territory (NT) Government of your contact details, including any changes.

NT Government nomination is not transferable to any other Australian state or territory.

Page last updated 18 February 2022