Housing and cost of living in the Northern Territory


Housing styles vary greatly in Australia's Northern Territory (NT), from large houses and apartments to more compact living.

In the tropical north elevated houses with louvered windows and ceiling fans are common.

Also typical are large outdoor living areas, verandas and swimming pools.

Many houses have tropical gardens with dense foliage.

In the south there are more traditional Australian house designs. These are typically ground-level brick houses with wide shady verandas to keep the house cool.

House and unit prices differ across the NT. For more information about housing costs go to the Real Estate Institute of the Northern Territory website

The Northern Territory Government offers a range of incentives to support first homebuyers. Further information is available at https://firsthome.nt.gov.au

Cost of living

The small population in the NT and vast freight distances mean you do pay higher prices for many goods.  Shorter travelling distances in urban areas often provide savings.

Depending on where you live in the NT local markets can offer locally grown produce as an alternative to supermarket shopping.

View of house in Alice Springs and the front garden