Using scooters to get around the city video transcript

By Grace

[Background music]

[Grace walking at the Waterfront]

On screen text: StudyNT ambassadors present

[Grace and Adele standing beside each other]

Grace: Hi guys, this is Grace.

Adele: This is Adele.

Grace: And today we're going to show you how to use the scooter to go around the city.

[Background music]

[Grace and Adele riding the scooters on the Waterfront pathway]

On screen text: Grace Bui (Vietnam) Using the scooters to get around, Australia’s Northern Territory | The Territory Boundless Possible logo, Instagram: studynorthernterritory

[Grace and Adele preparing to use the scooters]

Grace: You need to get the app, step one. To scan and use the e-scooter. So what I need to do is scan to ride, and then I come here, and scan my code. And remember to unlock your helmet okay!

[Background music]

[Grace and Adele ride the scooters around the waterfront]

On screen text: #StudyNT. Learn more at:

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