Headshot of Adi
Headshot of Adi

About Adi

I came to Darwin in October 2018 from Fiji to visit my older sister who works and resides in Elcho Island.

Upon my arrival in Elcho Island and seeing the community, I had this feeling and idea in me to help the community here. In December 2018, from Elcho Island I flew back to Darwin hoping to explore and find some of my options as I had intended to study in the Northern Territory, Australia. I visited my sister-in-law who resides in Muirhead and I shared to her of my intention to study in Darwin and if she is willing to assist me.

I am indeed grateful to be able to study this course here in Darwin and with Alana Kaye College. Alana Kaye College has a good learning environment and the staff are very friendly and are always ready to help in anything if students are in need of assistance.

At the moment, I am enjoying my stay here in Darwin as it has a similar weather back home. And not only that, Darwin has a very relaxing atmosphere, no traffic jam and is very easy to commute from home to school.

To StudyNT, I am grateful to be considered for the opportunity to be one of the scholarship recipients for 2019.

I hope that by studying in Alana Kaye College I would be able to apply all that I have learnt back to the community here in Darwin and through community service.

As we say in Fiji…Vinaka Vaka Levu StudyNT!! Thank you StudyNT.