Portrait shot of Eneta
Portrait shot of Eneta

About Aneta

My name is Aneta, I come from Czech Republic. I graduated from the University of Architecture and Civil Engineering with a university degree. For a year during my studies I also attended a weekend course focused on home design. I love working and educating myself in many fields. Since graduation I have been working as a freelance home architect.

I live in the capital city of Prague where many people from abroad reside. English is therefore one of the most important aspects for a successful career. Each client requires an individual approach to fully understand and find the ideal design of their dream home. This is the main reason why I really need to improve my English. I also always wanted to travel and seek inspiration for my work in different cultures and the language barrier has always been a big obstacle for me. In my life I meet many interesting people from abroad, with whom I would love to have full conversations so we could enrich each other.

I am very interested in self-development at all levels, one day I would love to organise workshops, seminars and various meetings of advanced people from different parts of the world in the Czech Republic to educate others for a happier life.

Australia is renowned with good language schools in the Czech Republic. We also have a lot of references from friends who have already visited Australia this way and have noticeably improved their language skills. I am so grateful for the opportunity to study and live in Australia.

I am looking forward to living and studying in this lovely, young, multicultural city.