21 Jul 2021

Boosting jobs: promising prospects in the Barkly

Resource companies are seeing some very promising results in Tennant Creek and the broader Barkly region, supported by new geoscience data and exploration grants from the Territory Government.

Under the multimillion dollar Resourcing the Territory initiative, the Territory Government is supporting mineral and petroleum exploration and development across the region.

The initiative provides high quality geoscience data to attract companies into the area and offers grants to support innovative exploration activities. Now it is seeing some really promising results in the Barkly region.

Emmerson Resources Limited has been searching for gold at its exploration sites near Tennant Creek and their recent gold intercept results are very encouraging.

The WA based company has announced a joint venture with the Tennant Consolidated Mining Group (TCMG) and has announced high-grade gold deposits have been discovered during recent exploration.

These encouraging exploration results will help support the case for development of a gold processing hub in Tennant Creek, which is currently the subject of a feasibility study by TCMG.

Strategic Energy Resources Ltd has also acknowledged the key role that geoscience data and grant funding from the Territory Government has played in attracting them to explore the Barkly and supporting their exploration efforts.

Numerous other companies are currently exploring for gold and copper in the Tennant Creek and Barkly region, including Newcrest Mining, Rio Tinto, Castile Resources, Encounter Resources, Inca Minerals, Greenvale Mining, King River Resources and more.

To find out more visit the Resourcing the Territory website.  

Quotes from Minister for Mining and Industry, Nicole Manison

“The Territory Labor Government is focused on securing investment opportunities for the Territory and creating more local jobs.”

“We are serious about getting on with the job of growing our economy to $40 billion by 2030, with 20 mining projects currently working towards a Final Investment Decision (FID) in the Territory with a combined value of $6.2 billion and potential to create 5700 construction jobs and 3400 ongoing jobs.”

“We know our resources sector is playing a huge role in our economic come back, which is why we announced record funding of $9.5m for more mineral exploration - to drive more mining and create more jobs across the Territory, with the funding to be on going.

“Our message is clear, if you are looking for the next resource or mining investment, come to the Territory.”

Quotes from Emmerson Resources Limited CEO and Managing Director, Rob Bills: 

“Tennant Creek is one of Australia’s highest grade gold districts and with the recent influx of exploration companies on the back of new geological data from the Northern Territory Geological Survey, a new and exciting exploration hotspot!  Exploration and the discovery of new gold and copper deposits is the key to revitalising Tennant Creek as an exploration and mining hub. Emmerson has been exploring the Tennant Creek Mineral Field for over a decade and has a track record of new discoveries through applying new technology and geological concepts.

Our Mauretania discovery is a great example, where recent drilling has intersected gold beneath the known high grade gold mineralisation that will likely become the first new open pit deposit in the area. Emmerson has partnered with Tennant Consolidated Mining Group where they are establishing a central mill, the key to monetising and unlocking these stranded gold and copper deposits within the Tennant Creek district.

“In addition, Emmerson has partnered with the Traditional Owners in striking a landmark Joint Venture over the Jasper Hills area, whereby the Traditional owners have a direct equity, plus employment and training opportunities. Emmerson regard this agreement as an important milestone that builds on a strong partnership with the T/O’s, and hopefully is the first of many such agreements that will share the benefits of an exciting future of exploration, mining and processing in Tennant Creek district.”

Quotes from Strategic Energy Resources Ltd, Managing Director Dr. David DeTata

“Strategic Energy Resources Ltd (SER) is actively exploring for copper and gold on our exploration licences in the Barkly region and first made our licence applications based on the outstanding pre-competitive geoscience produced by the Northern Territory Geological Survey (NTGS) and Geoscience Australia. Without this data, we could not have made these investments.

“The work of the NTGS helps to address challenges with large-scale regional programs that open new exploration frontiers, and this work is essential to encourage greenfields exploration in new terrains.

“Since making applications in the region, SER has rapidly advanced our exploration program, made possible through a successful application in Round 13 of the Northern Territory’s Geophysics and Drilling Collaboration (GDC) Program. This provided co-funding to undertake a detailed ground gravity survey over three SER tenements in the Barkley Region.

“In the most recent round of the GDC, SER has been awarded co-funding to drill two 650m diamond drill holes into a compelling Copper-Gold target within the broader East Tennant region before the end of this year. The GDC program has been critical in increasing the intensity of our geophysics and drilling program and validates our targeting methodology in the under explored areas of the Northern Territory.”