07 Oct 2020

New and enhanced Territory Jobs Hub

The online Territory Jobs Hub has new features to simplify the recruitment process for local employers and and help job seekers return to work more quickly.

Territory employers can now post job vacancies to the Territory Jobs Hub for free.

The job posting mode includes a ‘smart match’ feature which takes information from the job posting and matches it to suitable job seekers. Those job seekers will receive a notification to their device of the new job posting and have the option to apply.

Until now, employers using the site would have to manually search for the skills and experience they needed and then send a connection request to suitable job seekers.

These new enhanced features will cut down the time employers spend looking for workers and connect them with to right job seeker immediately.

Using the ‘smart match’ function will also help reduce the administration work for employers during the recruitment stage.

Access to the Territory Jobs Hub has been extended until March 2021 and is free to use by Territory employers and job seekers.

To access the Territory Jobs Hub, go to the Northern Territory Government website.