23 Jul 2020

Mapping the Future - Gunn Point investment opportunities

The Northern Territory Government has released the first in a series of Mapping the Future information products.

Mapping the Future is a five year, $10 million investment that identifies and maps the Northern Territory’s natural resource capabilities in areas with high development potential.

Gunn Point is ideally located to support tourism and primary industries such as agriculture, horticulture and aquaculture, and is an area with significant development potential with:

  • good all weather access
  • proximity to market
  • transport hubs and a local workforce.

Extensive studies have been conducted to identify and map soil and land capability, water availability, vegetation and biodiversity assets.

The Northern Territory Government have commenced consultations on amendments to the Litchfield Subregional Land Use Plan relating to Gunn Point peninsula which propose changes to how land can be used on the peninsula in response to the Mapping the Future work.

For more information on this consultation, go to the Have your say website.

Mapping the Future has been conducted at a scale that will enable government to progress from conceptual to detailed planning for the Gunn Point peninsula, which will ultimately inform future rezoning of land process that maximises potential for sustainable development while preserving and protecting key environmental assets.

For more information on this development opportunity, go to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources website.