Welcome to the Territory incentives

The ‘Welcome to the Territory’ incentives are an initiative of the Northern Territory Government, to boost and retain the Territory’s population and to help Territory businesses attract workers into hard to fill jobs.

$19 million over seven years has been committed to attract around 2600 people to the Territory from interstate and retain them for at least five years.

Please note: any information provided here is general in nature and does not replace the full terms and conditions.

For individuals moving to the Territory, it's a five step process:

  1. apply for, and win a job on the high priority occupations list before moving to the Territory
  2. submit your online application for an incentive (stage 1) and receive an in-principle approval before moving to the Territory and commencing your new employment
  3. move to the Territory and commence employment
  4. submit your stage 2 application and, if approved
  5. get paid.

For businesses, there is a simple online registration form which provides access to a promotional kit to be used when promoting relevant vacancies.

What incentives are available?

The incentives incorporates:

  • New Territorian Relocation Bonus (up to $8000 for a couple with two children)
  • Local Spending Benefit (up to $1250)
  • 5 Year Retention Bonus (up to $8000 for a couple with two children).

The incentives are scaled based on the number of people in your family and are paid in instalments.

 New Territorian Relocation BonusLocal Spending Incentive5 Year Retention BonusTotal
 Paid upon arrival in the Territory, will assist with costs associated with relocation and transition to the Territory.Paid in instalments, to be spent here in the Territory on lifestyle experiences including our great cafés and restaurants, tourism adventures or assist with the cost of living, including child care payments or vehicle registration and licencing.To encourage long term retention this  bonus is available after five years continuous residency. The money must be spent locally for purposes that benefit a long-term resident such as garden supplies, repairs and maintenance, white goods etc. 
WhenFollowing arrival in the TerritorySix months after arrival18 months after arrivalAfter five years in the Territory 
Couple$5000$625$625$5000$11 250
One child*$1500--$1500$3000
Two children*$3000--$3000$6000

*Note: Child payment applies to each child up to a maximum of two children in addition to the ‘single’ or ‘couple’ bonus.

I want to apply for an incentive

Congratulations on your decision to move to The Territory. You have decided to be part of a community where ambition and drive live in harmony with lifestyle and the moments that truly matter.

You may be eligible for incentive payments (see above) of up to $17,250 to relocate to the Territory with you family.

To be eligible to apply you must be:

  • an Australian citizen or permanent resident
  • an early career female (aged 20 to 39 years) or a late career worker (aged 55 to 65 years)
  • not be living in the Territory yet
  • have not lived in the Territory in the last two years

The job that you’re moving for must be:

  • for at least 12 months
  • on the high priority occupations list
  • not with the Australian or NT Government
  • not as part of your own business or start-up.

Check your eligibility

I’m a business looking for workers

Territory businesses can utilise the Welcome to the Territory incentives to attract staff to their hard to fill roles.

You must register your business to participate.

Registration is simple to complete and will provide you with access to a promotional toolkit to be used when promoting relevant vacancies.

Incentives are available to early career females (aged 20 to 39 years) and late career workers (aged 55 to 65 years) in high priority occupations.

For an applicant to be eligible, they must secure a job in the Territory for a minimum of 12 months and not have lived in the Territory during the two years preceding the date of application.

Complete the business registration

For further assistance, please email territory.incentives@nt.gov.au or call 1800 193 111.

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