Why invest in the NT

The Northern Territory (NT) has a number of advantages that make it attractive to potential investors.

Australia’s gateway to Asia

Darwin, the capital of the NT, is the closest Australian capital city to Asia, providing the shortest transport routes for two-way trade between the Asian economies and Australia.

The NT has one international airport, Darwin International Airport that operates 24/7. The deep water Port of Darwin provides modern freight handling facilities, a dedicated bulk liquids berth and links with an intermodal road-rail network. Reduced shipping times between Darwin and Asia give Darwin a trade advantage, particularly in relation to the export of bulk commodities.

A considerable and pristine resource base

There are significant mineral and energy resource precincts onshore in the NT, and in offshore waters accessed from the NT. Many of these precincts have been commercialised, with significant investment from international partners. Natural gas and petroleum exports form an important and growing sector of the local economy.

There are also significant areas devoted to agricultural products such as meat, seafood, fruit, vegetables, crops, forestry and ornamental plants. The NT environment is largely undeveloped. The potential commercial benefit from native flora and fauna, food and medicines is largely untapped.

Darwin is the business capital of Northern Australia

Darwin, capital of the NT, is Australia’s northernmost capital city, as close to Singapore and Manila as it is to Sydney and Melbourne. Eight national capitals, 36 trading ports, 69 international airports and nearly half a billion people are within four hours’ flight of Darwin. In the coming decades, the demand from the Asian region for energy, food, raw materials and consumer goods will be unprecedented. The NT has the significant resources available to help satisfy this appetite, in a prime location.

The NT is an open and friendly place, with a multicultural population. We welcome foreign investment to develop our significant mineral and energy resource precincts, much of which have yet to be explored.

Aerial view of Darwin city

A highly skilled and flexible workforce

The NT has a highly skilled multilingual workforce reflecting a population drawn from across the globe. The pipeline of major economic developments is generating many thousands of jobs, creating opportunities for business entrepreneurs, professionals and skilled tradespeople from all walks of life.

A diverse cultural mix

The NT’s population of almost 250 000 includes people from more than 100 nationalities who have shared their cultures over more than a century to turn this region into one of Australia’s most cosmopolitan. This diverse mix makes it easier to do business with our international partners because there is already a strong understanding of different cultural practices and expectations.

The room and capacity to grow

The NT not only has the space to grow, it also has capacity to accommodate key infrastructure additions such as new roads, ports and suburbs, with fewer constraints than more highly populated areas of Australia.

A highly regarded and supervised financial environment

Australia is one of several countries with the highest possible AAA credit rating, reflecting the strong and diverse economy, comparatively low debt levels, good prospects for growing income from expanding export markets, and experienced financial oversight. The NT Government has an Aa1 credit rating, similar to other Australian states and territories, reflecting the level of debt required to fund the infrastructure necessary to underpin current and future economic growth.

These high credit ratings are attractive to investors and fund managers who hold funds in AAA rated investment categories.

Single point of contact for enquiries about investment in the Northern Territory

The Office of International Engagement, Trade and Investment leads the NT Government’s international engagement, working with foreign governments, the private sector and community organisations to market and advance the NT’s interests overseas. The office works closely with other NT Government agencies to ensure that the Northern Territory’s international engagement efforts are coordinated effectively.

Contact the Office of International Engagement, Trade and Investment.