Environmental services

The Northern Territory’s (NT) environment is central to the economy - from tourism to primary industry, and our creative industries to the resources sector.

In the NT, ‘environmental services’ is a term that groups services involved in the delivery of land / resource management and environmental protection.

This could include services like habitat protection, fire management, water monitoring and management, and pest management services.

A range of environmental service providers in the NT help ensure our natural resources are managed sustainably.

These service providers include:

  • environmental consultants
  • botanists, zoologists and ecologists
  • natural resource managers
  • coastal and marine scientists
  • fisheries and aquaculture scientists
  • soil scientists
  • remediation experts
  • agronomists
  • pastoral industry advisors
  • weed control specialists
  • Aboriginal rangers
  • Aboriginal marine rangers
  • economists
  • land use and development planners
  • researchers across a range of areas.
Brahman cattle

These specialists have expertise in tropical, arid and coastal environments. That presents an opportunity for the NT to use that expertise to better manage and develop our natural resources.

Charles Darwin University (CDU), with its campus headquarters located in Darwin, is internationally recognised for its world-class environmental science research.

It leads national research collaborations across the natural, spatial, physical and social sciences. 

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