Creative industries

Creative industries are those based on creativity, skill and talent and that have a potential for wealth and job creation through generating intellectual property.

The Northern Territory (NT) has a thriving, imaginative and innovative creative industries economy.

The Australian Government recognises that a creative economy contributes to cultural diversity, social inclusion, environmental sustainability and technological advancement.

Creative industries can include:

  • visual and performing arts
  • digital media / multimedia, such as film, television and radio
  • computer animation
  • web design
  • music
  • architecture and urban design
  • industrial design
  • designer fashion
  • food culture
  • writing
  • publishing
  • advertising
  • creative software.

The NT is recognised nationally and internationally for its landscapes, Aboriginal communities, culture and art. There are significant opportunities to use these features to further develop the NT’s creative industries sector.

Artwork on display in an art gallery