Remarkable investment opportunities - join us

The Northern Territory has some of the most compelling and attractive investment opportunities in Australia, and is proactively seeking investors with a positive long term interest in creating extraordinary investments.

The Northern Territory already has a track record of securing investment from people who look beyond the short term for significant investment opportunities.

Investments in iconic tourist facilities at Uluru, nation building projects such as establishing the rail link down Australia’s central corridor, and significant investment in world class projects supplying critical resources such as manganese, gold, uranium and natural gas to global markets happened because investors could see the contribution the Northern Territory could make to a global market.

That’s why some of the world’s largest resource projects are located in the Northern Territory, including the US$37 billion INPEX-led Ichthys LNG project. Global resource giants operating in the Northern Territory include Rio Tinto, South 32, Glencore and Newmont. Global energy firms also have a strong interest in the oil and gas resources available onshore, and in waters accessible from the Northern Territory coast.

Global hotel chains are interested in capitalising upon the Northern Territory’s unique tourism assets and easy access to fast growing high income markets in Asia. International students and researchers are keen to take advantage of what the Northern Territory has to offer. More information is available in the industry specific profiles later in this prospectus.

The opportunities available in the Northern Territory today are even more compelling than the opportunities investors seized upon in the past because Northern Australia has become a national focus. There are investment opportunities in world class minerals and energy resources, agribusiness and aquaculture, tourism, infrastructure, health and research, international education and training, and in the supply and service industries.

All investors are welcomed and encouraged to explore these opportunities in the Northern Territory and the government will work alongside you every step of the way.

The Northern Territory Government stands willing to be an active enabler for proponents serious about joining it to grow the Northern Territory economy. Government can assist in identifying opportunities that align with your strategic investment objectives, helping secure timely project approvals, and providing support to minimise potential risks associated with foreign investment.

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The Northern Territory Government will work alongside you throughout the approval phase of your project, supporting you through a streamlined and transparent process. The Northern Territory Government is a proactive partner on projects that support its goals and objectives of growing and diversifying the Northern Territory and its economy.

The remainder of this prospectus details the key growth areas for the Northern Territory over the coming years, and highlights the potential for investment in: