Middle Arm Industrial Precinct

Location: Middle Arm, Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia

Project proponent: Land Development Corporation - land owner

Sector: Industrial / commercial

Investment type: Industrial land

Project status: Stage 2 - proposed project

Project description

Located on the Middle Arm Peninsula in Darwin Harbour, the proposed 600 hectare Middle Arm lndustrial Precinct will provide a variety of lot sizes to accommodate large strategic industries for downstream gas processing and gas related developments. Overall, the precinct can accommodate a range of incoming industries including:

  • Industrial - oil and gas, chemical and minerals
  • Utilities - power generation
  • Logistics - rail
  • Commercial.
Aerial view of Middle Arm Peninsula

Middle Arm is already home to the Darwin LNG Plant and the INPEX Icthys Onshore LNG Processing Facility.

The precinct has an extensive product corridor network for the efficient transmission of utilities, gas, feedstock and products. Current and future development areas can provide lot sizes from five hectares to 160 hectares.

An area has been identified for water access, this provides an opportunity for the development of wharf facilities.

The precinct also has planning in place for a rail yard and connection to the existing rail network.

Project proponent

As the Northern Territory Government’s strategic land developer, the Land Development Corporation plays a crucial role in planning for economic growth and development of the Northern Territory, in a commercial manner.

Map of Middle Arm Industrial Precinct showing shaded areas for different locations on the map.

Contact details

Laura Angus
Marketing and Communications
Land Development Corporation

Phone: +61 8 8944 0910

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