Gove marine infrastructure

Location: Gove, Northern Territory, Australia

Sector: Infrastructure

Investment type: Project dependent

Estimated total project cost: Project dependent

Investment amount sought: Project dependent

Project status: Conceptual project

Project description

The development of new and / or improved marine infrastructure in Gove has the potential to catalyse private sector investment and enhance economic and industry diversification for Gove and the wider East Arnhem region. The Northern Territory Government is committed to supporting the long term economic future for Gove and East Arnhem region.

The Northern Territory Government is currently developing a high level business case and engaging with stakeholders to explore opportunities to leverage private sector investment and drive regional economic development through new marine infrastructure, which could support growth in a number of industries including commercial fishing, tourism, freight and logistics and forestry.


Following the 2014 announcement of curtailment of the Rio Tinto Alcan refinery, a number of reports were commissioned to identify how the Gove Port can support regional economic development and enhance diversification and job opportunities. 

View of beach from Gove Boat Club

The reports concluded that with the right infrastructure and access arrangements, Gove Port could support the expansion and diversification of number of industries in East Arnhem including small and larger scale commercial fishing, marine tourism, forestry and regional services.

These industries could also potentially support several downstream activities such as fish processing, marine maintenance services and local tourism product development. 

Contact details

Jason Finlay
Project Director, Investment Territory
Department of Trade, Business and Innovation

Phone: +61 8 8999 6617

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