Gas based manufacturing

Location: Northern Territory, Australia

Sector: Oil and gas resources

Investment type: Mergers and acquisitions; joint ventures; acquisition of offshore licences and permits; direct or passive equity investment; financial or management partnerships; establishment of new or branch operations.

Project status: Conceptual and proposed

Project description

The Northern Territory has access to globally significant onshore and offshore resources that exceed 200 trillion cubic feet (tcf) of gas and 40 billion barrels (Bbbl) of oil and condensate, setting the foundation for development of world-class oil, LNG and gas-based manufacturing industries.

Progressive development of our resources has seen Darwin become Northern Australia’s premier offshore oil and gas operations and maintenance hub.

A small but vibrant city, Darwin is home to world-class deepwater port facilities, service and logistics centres and an airport that operates 24 hours a day, all year round.

Research and training facilities capable of meeting the needs of the oil and gas industry are available at Charles Darwin University and through the North Australian Centre for Oil and Gas (NACOG).

Darwin boasts a host of local businesses capable of providing essential services to all facets of the upstream, midstream and downstream oil and gas industry.

With expansion of offshore activities and exciting new onshore opportunities the Northern Territory is expected to realise an era of growth in its domestic oil and gas sector.

Darwin LNG facility at dusk

The next phase of our development lays in building a robust, integrated and diverse manufacturing industry that complements our existing gas developments and expansion opportunities.

In addition to increased investment in exploration and field development, expanding our downstream industry creates investment opportunities in projects that will:

  • build additional infrastructure and service capacity, vital to continued industry expansion, diversification and development
  • expand existing production of natural gas, LNG, LPG and specialty gases such as helium
  • create downstream industries that use oil and gas to generate:
    • feedstock for market or local production of derivatives
    • methanol, petroleum, kerosene and a range of other liquid fuels
    • ammonia and its nitrogen derivatives such as ammonium nitrate and urea
  • tie-in with other energy-intensive resources projects such as using the Northern Territory’s extensive phosphate deposits to produce ammonium phosphate fertilisers,
  • expand existing power generation capacity.

Contact details

Strategic Oil and Gas Industry Development
Department of Trade, Business and Innovation

Phone: +61 8 8946 9540

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